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14-Sep-2018 22:14

After seeing it all go down, Michael Weatherly’s thoughts about how the episode surprised him now make a ton of sense, as he clearly had no idea that he had an offspring walking around on the planet.(At least one, anyway.) Last week’s episode “Dead Letter” ended on an explosion in a farmhouse in Israel where Ziva was presumed to be staying. Rarely has a season finale of NCIS had this much anticipation going into it, since tonight was Michael Weatherly’s last episode as Special Agent Tony Di Nozzo, effectively ending an era.Many fans have been freaking out over whether Di Nozzo would get killed off or allowed to ride off in the sunset, slapping his horse on the back of the head all the way, as well as wanting a resolution to the Tony ‘n’ Ziva story.I told [Tony] — and really realizing what I was saying and then I realized it came out the wrong way — I said, 'God, I felt a little drunk when I was staring at you.In NCIS Season 10, Ziva's hair was presumably dyed light brown with some small blonde highlights visible with the hair itself often hanging past Ziva's shoulders, sometimes even coming close to landing on her desk.

Obviously all that wasn’t emotional enough to send Di Nozzo out the door in a proper fashion, and to be expected, the final minutes of the show were dedicated to him sharing goodbyes and love-yous with his coworkers and friends, while packing up his desk and restating his oath.

NCIS will return to CBS in the fall, and Michael Weatherly will also be around, as his new CBS show Bull will also be premiering.

Catch you in the repeats, former Agent Tony Di Nozzo.

Yes, that was one hell of a shocking turn of events for a character who seemed more like the perennial cool uncle than a real father figure.

Tony Di Nozzo has been through some dangerous and life-changing moments in the past 13 years, but nothing quite like the cocktail of tragedy and blessing that this finale dropped on him. After Cote de Pablo abruptly decided to leave TV's most-watched drama this summer, producers had to find a way to tie up Ziva's narrative in short order.The result is Tuesday's episode, in which Ziva's will-they-won't-they partner-in-crime-solving Tony Di Nozzo (Michael Weatherly) goes to Israel to find her.The episode did use old footage to show Di Nozzo trying to cope with his loss, but it wasn’t the same.