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In the New 52 Ares is mostly referred to as War, and in a major departure from the character's longstanding history as one of Wonder Woman's archenemies, is re-imagined as a benign supporting character.Wonder Woman's first recurring nemesis, Paula von Gunther is a German baroness, ruthless Nazi spymaster, evil scientist, and femme fatale.Based on the legendary Gorgon from Greek mythology, Medusa is known for her ability to turn anyone who looks into her eyes to stone.She was killed by Wonder Woman, but resurrected by her sisters, Euryale and Stheno, only to be killed once again by the Amazon.

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Giganta was originally a gorilla who was super-evolved into a woman by Professor Zool.Originally a clever schemer who "knew all the angles", the updated Angle Man possesses an object known as an Angler which can alter objects and locations according to the holder's wishes, sometimes defying gravity or through teleportation.The Angle Man was created as a recurring foil for Wonder Woman during the 1950s and 1960s.Post-Rebirth, Doctor Cyber is the computerized assistant of Veronica Cale and a member of the organization Godwatch.

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Watching the special features on the Wonder Woman Blu-ray again made me want to make a figure of Doctor Poison. I thought that The DC Collectibles New 52 Pandora might make a good base figure. Took the head from Wasp. Ripped out the hair and sculpted on the hood and the three plates that form her mask. Sculpted.… continue reading »

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