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They love horses, are publicity shy (he more prominently than she), and have, quite purposely, stayed far away from Los Angeles.In past relationships, neither has been monogamous: Shepard had an affair with Patti Smith early in his marriage; when Shepard and Lange met, he was still with Jones, and she was dating Mikhail Baryshnikov.They seem, however, to have made an exception for each other.“It would never occur to me that Sam would be unfaithful,” Lange told in 1991.

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They exhibit, on screen and in interviews, a similar kind of feral, sexual dynamism that is in part a product of reticence.I don’t think a lot of eating was going on because her mouth was constantly full of his hand.” When photographers spotted them on another date, “Shepard blew his top: he screamed obscenities and slung his leather jacket at the paparazzi, whose blurry snaps of a wild-eyed guy with a contorted face and a blond woman with her hands over her mouth made the wire services the next day.” This was the tenor of their affair, at least for the first few years.“When we were together,” Lange told , “we were so wild — drinking, getting into fights, walking down the freeway trying to get away.” The violence of the passion was intoxicating, and then too intense — they broke up, briefly — and then undeniable. Shepard went to Iowa, where Lange was doing pre-production for , the second film in which they would co-star, “and we drove to New Mexico, and that’s where we settled.” (In the decades to come, they would live in Kentucky, Virginia, Minnesota, and, finally, New York.) In 1991, after just under a decade together, Lange confessed, “To me, it hasn’t settled in completely.Because of the obsessive nature of our beings, the passionate nature of our coming together — and it’s still there, the jealousy, the passion, the insanity.” , he started going to Alcoholics Anonymous. And then he “picked it up again.” In 2009, he was arrested in Normal, Illinois for drunk driving after police pulled him over for speeding; his blood alcohol content was twice the state’s legal limit.