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There are more families that look like us, both in real life and on television.

Finally, the ghosts of slavery and all the “isms” that go along with it are being exorcised.

White women have already figured this out – and if you can’t find the right color or cultural match, it’s time to expand your horizons and simply find a good man.

I realize that some black women, steadfast in their quest to find the ultimate brother, may bristle when they read this.

Even from a super young age my taste has been allll over the rainbow, with main celebrity crush examples being Zach on Saved by the Bell AND Slater, Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock, Brad Pitt, Bad era Michael Jackson, and Will Smith.

Honestly, none of those people look at all alike or have totally alike personalities nor races.

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I wanted to jump the broom my entire life, but when I fell in love with a white man, I thought everyone would scoff at me. I think that I missed this “must want the same race” gene, I really did.

And there was never any desire that “omg, must have my black prince! I don’t know how diverse your environment is but your comment about if Christelyn’s husband is white and if he would defend her honor and stand up for her makes me want to ask if have you notice black women are the only women I’ve ever seen who is not protected?

Reasons Why You Should Not Date Indian Girls. Matt. dating an Indian girl is one. of society fit for White and Asian. So, the only way a Black person chas to.… continue reading »

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