Updating maps for magellan gps

17-Jan-2019 16:54

Exif Tool info panel forgets collapse states and column size Some other small changes on user interface All Screenshots regarding version 3.4.0 New designed interface and functionalety for synchronizing meta data between image files (Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2, Screenshot 3) Support for custom file types (Screenshot) Support for compass information of Mikrokopter track files New map type My Topo (Screenshot) Quick access to adjust thumbnail sizes and visible lines of meta data in thumbnail view (Screenshot) * Improved Exif Tool info panel (Ctrl I) !

Sometimes saved wrong UTF8 flag for IPTC data in combination with creation date !

Wrong reading of Microsoft rating tag from XMP data ! Explorer context menu did not work under Windows 7 ! Wrong coding of international characters in Google Earth export Some other small changes, improvements and fixes Optional synchronizing of heading data when synchronizing with GPS track files. After saving of creator data (Byline name in Geo Setter), maybe Adobe software did not recognize some meta data anymore (including development settings in Lightroom) after initially saving the creator with Lightroom 3 in a wrong way.

An updated version of Exif Tool (8.26) recognizes this problem now and creates a warning (many thanks to Phil Harvey! Support for binary files of Win Tec WBT-202-GPS-Logger (by using GPSBabel Beta 1.3.7) !

Dialog for selecting location data appears after GPS synchronization although an image is located in radius of favorites containig data for auto assignment ! Starting Geo Setter with param file in collection mode does not work correctly ! CPU usage too high in idle mode Some other small changes, improvements and fixes All Screenshots regarding version 3.3.43 Right click on blue image markers for assigning/copying image data (Screenshot) Right click on map for assigning image positions and selecting nearby images (Screenshot) Assigning keyboard shortcuts to search-/filter templates (Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2) Filetype option for setting file date to taken date when saving image data (Screenshot) Setting file date from taken date for selected image files (Screenshot) !

Track files with lots of waypoints ( Some changes regarding adding and modifying image directions (new toolbar button and menu option for adding image direction and possibility to add/modify image direction by dragging image markers on the map) Optimized display of image direction of focused image (auto adjust size to map) Point of view coordinates now editable in dialog Faces will now be read also from Google Picasa.

Renaming image files in Geo Setter will adjust Picasa database and therefore keep face assignments in touch.

Consideration of Apple i Phone regarding focal length and 35mm equivalent focal length Some other small changes, improvements and fixes All Screenshots regarding version 3.3.10 Editor for camera crop factors for calculation of 35mm equivalent focal length and therefore correct display of view angles on the map (Screenshot) Setting and saving view point (with optional locking of image direction) (Screenshot) Assigning map position and image direction in one step (Screenshot) New filter options (Screenshot) Showing lens and camera owner name (Screenshot) Comparing dates in search and filter (Screenshot) Saving data of selected images (Screenshot) Select all / invert selection (Screenshot) Set GPS date from taken date (Screenshot) ! Face tags written by Microsoft Live Photo Gallery have not been recognized !

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Sometime wrong layout of dialogs with large system fonts Many additional minor changes and bug fixes.Sometimes portrait format images has been shown stretched after Google Earth export !Several minor bug fixes Improved GPS synchronization Possibility to edit online requested location data directly New translations (Danish and Dutch) * Deactivated automatic removal of directory favorites * Optimized data dialog !Hopefully fixed Exif Tool problem regarding “Error renaming temporary file to…” All Screenshots regarding version 3.3.0 Editing and showing image directions (Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2, Screenshot 3, Screenshot 4) Show/hide overview map (Screenshot) Filter setting for startup (Screenshot) Enable/disable custom filter (Screenshot) Filter info (Screenshot) Show faces (identified by Google Picasa or Windows Live Photo Gallery) (Screenshot) Assign waypoints names (Screenshot) Activate/deactivate file hints (Screenshot) ! Wrong orientation in Lightroom after initially creating XMP of ARW files ! Preview of ARW files displays in very low resolution ! Some RAW files will be exported in wrong orientation to Google Earth and locr ! Wrong Time Zone for Athen Support for Panasonic RW2 and RAW files Support for Leica RWL files Support for Nikon NRW files Support IGC (International Gliding Commission) track files Added Open Street Map to map view Rating editable in report and list view Option to add country code automatically to keywords Language support for info panel Support speed values read from GPX files Optional map will show last map position on startup Support for commercial Geo Names account Caching of already requested Geo Names data Improved performance on reading image files Order of saved screen layouts can be changed now * When adding XMP data to image initially, all existing data from Exif and IPTC will be synchronized ! Several problems regarding export to Google Earth ! The shell extension for showing Geo Setter menu entries in the Explorer context menu was not included in 3.0.1 ! Exception when exporting to Google Earth with user names containing non ASCII characters !

Sometimes excpetion when tagging THM files Some other small changes and improvements Save last used filter and optional restore on startup New register “Startup” in settings dialog (Screenshot) ! Local characters will be garbaged sometimes when exporting to Google Earth ! Automatic assignment of location data doesn’t work ! Several problems regarding language specific character sets (filenames and IPTC data). Geo Setter hangs up on specific NEF files on Vista 64 ! Dialogs sometimes too large for some screen resolutions !See also this post in Geo Names forum Maximun visible track points on map adjustable in program settings (Screenshot) * Follow and center focused image file on map (Screenshot) !History of map views did not work correctly (toolbar on top of map) !Date of GPS date has not been read Some other small changes and improvements Option to hide/show direction marker in map of focused image !