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I really encourage other women and other people to really put self-care—and that includes the beauty regime, how you eat, all of that—into your body. We just made them shorter because they were too long. Really my beauty regime is about what I put in my body, so it's about getting my sleep and drinking lots of water. Most of the products that I use are either Biologique or Cosmetix.

Get some texture, get some crunch, get some protein. Being on my own for vacation and sleeping and quiet and catching up on books that I never get to read and all that kind of stuff. It's called Self-care of all kinds is a huge part of my life. So my beauty regime is a huge part of how I care for myself. I'm big on hydrating internally and externally, so there's a lot of oils and hydration that I use. I'm the girl on the plane who will go wash my hands, spritz, and add a layer.

star, NAACP Image Award winner, cereal aficionado—still does her own food shopping. I feel like how you nourish yourself—your nails look great. Most of the masks that I use are from Biologique, and then there's one other guy, Julius. So alcohol is something that's part of my lovely vacation time and stuff like that.

"I actually really love going to the supermarket," says Ross, who recently partnered with Special K on Nourish Your Next, a new initiative celebrating powerful women. He's a German guy, and he has a beautiful line, and I use the gold line. She really just sort of deals with your skin and the juiciness of your skin, and I love it. I'm not a big drinker; my body doesn't like sugar so much.

Rhonda is asking for primary custody of the couple’s three daughters – Mac Kenzie, Brianna and Trinity – and for Adkins, 52, to pay child support, alimony and all her legal fees.

Adkins, who has battled alcohol addiction in the past, spent time in rehab in January after getting into an argument with a Trace Adkins impersonator on a cruise ship.

Trace Cyrus celebrated Valentine's Day by releasing a breakup song about his ex fiancée Brenda Song.The 28-year-old brother of Miley Cyrus shared a lyric video for the song, titled "Brenda," on You Tube.He also shared a picture of him and the former Disney Channel star on Instagram and explained his reasoning behind releasing the song on the most romantic day of the year."This is not the video I intended to release today.So a bowl of cereal—but I have to say, my favorite time to eat cereal is in front of the TV at night. This whole thing that cereal is just for breakfast makes me laugh because I think cereal is good for every meal of the day.