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05-Jul-2018 17:09

The word that is used most frequently is hamartia, missing the mark.It is the most comprehensive term for explaining sin.

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There is a difference between the way God describes and explains sin, on the one hand, and the way, on the other hand, that men describe and explain sin.The flat statement of the Almighty is that all men have fallen far short of God’s required standard.It is the popular and common practice of men to create their own standards; however, God has established His standard of perfection for entry into Heaven, and all men have “missed the mark” as an archer’s arrow would fall to the ground because it fell short of its target.A certain minister excused bad behavior by accounting for it in terms of “infantile environment, traumatic experiences, psychological complexes and the like.” And then he added, “After preaching for fifty years I cannot help feeling that the church harps far too much on sin.” Now where does a man get such ideas?

Certainly not from God’s revelation to man as we find it in the Bible.

Some men measure themselves on the basis of human intelligence, some by educational attainment, some by financial success, some by cultural environment, and others by religious performance.