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Send cheques or postal orders (made payable to Siren Software) or credit card details to:- SIREN SOFTWARE, 178 BURY NEW RD, WHITEFIELD, MANCHESTER M45 6QF, ENGLAND mm* mm m 4*n»n» ULTRA 4 SPEED £169, ULTRA 8 SPEED £199, u&j&b sail iur iurihh Access, Visa. Delta, Connect etc accepted OPEN: Monday to Friday 9am to 6pm Saturday 9am to 12pm Personal callers welcome. PS U ' f'n "of" Ipo Zn"*' h pir7 KSSI ""ram"' Accelerat'or' bilfi, & D.i Hi-Soft SMD- 1 00 Video CD MPEG Decoder Only!! Drive install kit£l8.99 - and full AMIGA I New Amiga Monitors Multi-Sync Monitors 14" I438s....£269.99 Includes Built In Stereo Speaker*. • Save ft load In multiple file formats Support for virtual memory - fcfctat»t 2.04 •il Ml'llll M MM) «t facilities & ,. £129.99 Genlock 290 1 Hi(H (»ii»Iir*c*yf»of» scanners • 1100 ou, «"" * ■ Epson GT-9500 i SSs SS £694.99 New I* Photogenics 2 CD ° 24-Bit Graphics Manipulation Requires 2chip/4 fast RAM minimum. 2Mb of Ram and I Floppy Drive, Hard Drive installable if desired.Please phone first to check availability of any item. 17" 1764 £579.99 17" 1701 £529.99 Disk Drives f C Squirrel l/face 5fr Surf Squirrel f^sf • Hi speed serial port • Include.:- / I C I QO • I X 1 00Mb cartridge £.131 .77 . at an evtri colt of 1 I S.°v Zip Tools Driver Software Suits Zip & Jazz Drives £16.99 Amiga Ext. Single refills (22ml) £6.99 Twin refills (44ml) £12.99 Three colour kit (66ml) £! £39.99 Final Calc £94.99 • Requires Workbench 2.0 I above, 2Mb of memory mir H. • On Line documentation Directory IWordworth 6 Office CD i Wordworth 6 •Datastorp 2 • Organiser 2 Money Matter, 4. 9 9 • Requires Workbench 2.0 above, and a Hard Drive.This turns a TV into a PC - however, the price for such a machine will be around £1,400 for the cheaper model.This is a pricey option for the average family and perhaps doesn't pose much of a threat to what VIScorp are setting out to do and the market they are aiming for.That was back in April when a 'Letter of Understanding' was signed between the two companies.It is now November and it has been revealed that VIScorp could now face challengers to their bid - apparently ESCOM's bankruptcy made matters more complicated than anticipated and so the deal still remains up in the air.

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What is clear is that in the time that has elapsed, there have been many other com- panies who have had their eye on an emerg- ing set-top market.While every are is taken, the publishers cannot be held legally reponsible for any errors in articles, listings or advertisements. • Easy fit internally fitting interface simply plugs in to ensure full compatibility with all accelerators, memory expansions etc.All prices listed in the editorial content of this magazine are inclusive of VAT unless stated 12 iaue lubtcript/on £49.99 (UK), £69.99 (EEC) £«4.99 (World) Ongoing quarterly direct debit £10.99 (UK only) Printed and bound by Duncan Webb Offset (Maidstone) Ltd US Readers - Amiga Computing (ISSN 0959- 9630) is published monthly by IDG Media. • Does not use or Interfere with the PCMCIA slot or any other port. • CD32 Emulation enables the majority of CD32 titles to be used on the A1200. £99.99 Entry level Genlock [ Epson Flatbed Scanner Software & Cable...£49.99 Hand Scanners Power Scan v4.Amiga Computing brings you money saving deals from Guildhall Audioge and LH Publishing Amiga Computing FEBRUARY 1997 or a few years now VIScorp have made their intentions clear. They also had the technology to do it and a licensing deal with Amiga Technologies would allow them to do it. ESCOM - then owners of AT - went bust and VIScorp fearing for their project tried to buy the whole of Amiga Technologies.

We were told that the acquisition was under way and it was only a matter of weeks before the deal would be completed.And now we hear that there are other companies after the Amiga, so the wait continues.This is the worst thing that could happen right now - more uncertainty and waiting for something to happen.NEARLY DOUBLES THE SPEED OF THE A1200 4MB MEMORY EXPANSION £69.99 8MB MEMORY EXPANSION £89.99 33MHZ 68882 FPU (PLCC) — «W •iiio Mi f^m Jml Html for all Why everyone should take an interest in Hyper Text Mark-Up Language Amiga Computing FEBRUARY 1997 Turbo Calc4 E Neil Mohr reviews the latest version of Digita's spreadsheet program Premier Packard Hugh Poynton takes a look at Hewlett Packard's impressive new budget printer - the 5L.