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The following, taken from The Vancouver Sun^ of yesterday, would seem to prove the correct n«»s« Of the news. Maedonald re- signed from the position of general manager of the P. Where formerly be drank light wines at meal time, tbe former monarch now calls for wine during the intervals of his wood-sawing H's nervous habit of straddling choirs has Increased. Secretary Kan, after a conference with the former Crown Prince, expressed the belief that a guard was not necessary, and for that matter If the exile wanted to escape twenty torpedo boats could not pre- vent It. - _ L 1~ s COAL PRODUCTION MAY STOP AGAIN Cessation of Mine Operations Threatened, Because of Per- secutions — President Wil- son Expected to Issue Order RBVAL. — A special commission has been formed to settle the Ukuhonian-Letvlan fron- tier question on the initiative of Great Britain. "Long distance" in this instance means for distances over one hundred miles. Floral offerings were received from the following: Mr. The principles of each rule or process were ex- plained and then the boy or girl must work out the examples given in the book, only re- ceiving help when difficulties were found in- superable.

The exile's anxiety is heightened by the illness of his wife ferer with mild a^c Ju T'of^heart dis- ease. The outings of the former Kalserln are spent in the sunshine In the gar- den, where she lies in a reclining She Is under the almost con- es re of Dr. There is no hindrance to conversa- tions by Frederick Wilhelm over the long distance telephone with the for- mer German Emperor ai^Amerongen, but the son says hs has no desire to talk with him. Despite a Strenuous Day's Campaigning There Still Remains Between ,000 and *9,0b0 to Be Subscribed. VICTORIANS — REMEMBER The Citizens' Committee Have Pei Guaranteed that the Balance W Subscribed. There are no wireless arnetaur wireless telephones in Victoria, although some amateur owners of wireless telegraph sets in the city picked up the telephone con- versation and the music, and replied back In wireless telegraphy in dots and dashes on their wireless set In the course of yesterday. Too often, perhaps, a child was blamed or punished for carelessness or inat- tention when the failure was really due to want of capacity. Parsing called for the exercise of thought and gave an insight into the mean- ing of a passage. Adverbs, preposi- tions ami the rest were distinguished by their function, not by their appearance.

A stuat committee of the local delegation has prepared a programme. Only about 30 Turkish nationalists were deported by the British, who transferred them te the battleship BVnbow. The Senate has been unable to get a quorum .' Few traces are left of Turkey's constitutional Government. NEARLY RESTORED AT GERMAN CAPITAL TREATY REJECTION QUIETLY RECEIVED LONDON. Logsdon Is one of the five coal operators arrested today by Federal officials and one of 126 men, opera- tors and miners indicted by a Federal grand Jury here for alleged conspir- acy to enhance the prloe of coak WASHINGTON, March 20.— Presi- dent Wilson is expected to make pub- lic summaries of the majority and minority reports of the coal commis- sion Monday. toent was made today that Swift * Company here had received a carload of f rosea veal from New seal and. Beatty yesterday, referring to the demonstratlona In wireless tefcphbiiv which are now being carried on over the National Radio. The Irish National series contained, be sides poetry and prose extracts, a resume of Old Testament history.

The arrested nationalists will be tried at Malta by a British court- martial. — No rupture between Bolivia and Peru is looked for by the public of this coun- try as a consequence of the present dispute between the two countries, according to all' available indications. March 20 — The rejec- tion of the German peace treaty by the United States Senate brought out little comment in the London news- papers today, as a veto adverse to the pact had been more or less gen- erally anticipated. At the same time he will Issue an executive order relating to the coal situation, and will write a letter to the Joint scale committee of the coal miners and operators, to whom the two reports will be referred when they meet to arrange their con- tracts for the coal year beginning April 1. — A strike movement is brewing among the Judges and magistrates of Spain ow- ing to the neglect of the government to suggest Increases In their salaries In the budget appropriations for the MAY SUCCEED Legislators Becoming Recon- ciled to the Prolongation of Sessions to Easter at Least —Budget This Week, Under Convention Signed by Ministers, Secure Greater Share in Government—Some Severe Conditions — Doubts Expressed as to Fur- • t ther Control by Extremists — — BERLIN* March 20.— Something of its normal aspect returned to Berlin late today, and the only reports of a disturbing nature came from cities and towns outside the capital, principally those in the Rhine industrial centres, where local soviet governments and com- Demonstrators on "Wireless Telephone" Now in Seattle "Tuning Up" Instrument to Harmonize With Victoria, Ministry. The) veal entered the United Rtates by way sjf ten Francisco. plenty more being avail- able If the pioneer carload prove* I satisfactory as a method to reduce State of Germany May Become Worsp British Foreign Office Expects Greater Troubles Before Improvement Sets in— Civil War Rages in Ruhr District, Saxony and ' Thuringia— Baltic Troops "We hope to reaeh San Francisco some time next onspk," stated Mr. Company's ap paratus set up - in the Sprott-Shaw School, Pemberton - Bui' The Fifth Book had many lessons relating to science, while the Sixth or highest of the series was compiled for tlie use of young women.

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as there is no noise except a slight hissing while the transmission is going on. To- morrow at 12:1* the ministers and leading office bearers of the Presby- terian churches of the city, are giv- ing a luncheon In Dr. Smith stated that he would be speaking today about some of the problems jf theological edu-. Asked What some of the problems were he acknowledged that this had chiefly to do with securing and training men for the ministry. Geography constituted chiefly of map study and history was read for its interest, not learned as a task. ' FINE old rich, ripe and mallow Ten- neaaee leaf tobacco; unexcelled for chewing, pipe or cigars.

Regarding the Armenian massa- cres, the Premier said the Allies were bound In the interests of civilisa- tion to exercise control of some sort, since the Turkish Government was incapable of protecting its own sub- "l want to give this feeling tolflf P -ffititt c Mussulmans of India, who *tood leg- ally by the throne and the Empire," said the Premier. Or*., March JO.— More than 1.000 Portland Kot arums will go to Victoria, B, C, to the Northwest conference of Clubs, April 5 and t, It was an- nounced today. They now banded in their slates, tfie scholars were sent out to play and the master spent the interval in the work of correction.

Sf II THIRTY-SIX PAGES URKEY MUST PAY PENALTY Premier Lloyd George Tells a Deputation of Indian "Mos- lems That She Can Get Only Strict Justice, - SHOULD BE TREATED LIKE HER ALLIES Question of Religion Does Not Enter— Turkish Chamber of Deputies Adjourns in Order LONDON, March 20.— Premier Lloyd George ycsterdsy discussed the Turkish question with the Indian caliphate delegation headed by Mo- hammed All, who declared that Turkey should have all her pre-war territory restored. Mohamod All to claim Indulgence for Turkey: he claims justice, and justice she will get. The delegation requested that the Armenian massacres be "investigated by an International commission, on which Moslems would ba repre- sented. No spelling book was used and no home lessons prepared. Meanwhile the few who had been rewriting the paragraph, sub- stituting words and phrases of their own for those which the' master had underlined, had finished their work to the best of their ability. R Sale— Six-hole cooking range, Singer aewing machine, box top, piano atool, etc. ^ FINEST roots or rhubarb, raspberries, loganberries, gooseberries, black and red cherry currant*, largaat phenomenal Mack- &' n v UTu b r ra, r de« H3am «4 and 41.

But It Is stated that It would likely eases to be an Internal affair should the monarchist* or reds gain tan hand. v V A current that the Baltic troops havs not left the Berlin district, and are assembled near the Zoological Garden suburban station, awaiting a fresh pretext to enter the city. Talks with people of Various Occu- pations revealed ignorance, even among the most Intelligent, of the istest political developments, tome of the Berliner*, ft won found. Jg TI., ■ e HSs- NOSE Iron and Brasa Bed* A splendid assortment of Cots to choose from. H you want CLEAN C^AL *hat will last well, we should be glad to prove to you that it is to our mu- tual interest, that you buy 738 Fort Street ie, Ltd. "Tailored in the, English manner, wjth Iforfolk ' sport style jackets and breeches with 3 or 4-buttoh self continuations. Made by first-class tailors , to '"r ■ ' Latest Spring Ne H) in Coloring and Weave In qualities that will lend just the right effect that men desire in their neck- wear. She was followed the following year by a fleet consisting of the Cormorant, Herald, Inconstant, Modeste and Pandora. Big as they were, there were many tears as the lads agreed that the right thing to do was to face the owner and to make what restitu- tion was in their power.

Numerous security police are com- ing into Berlin from the country. March as.— The hopeful feeling tonight that the worst was BERLIN, was chiefs/ due tb the disposi- tion of^the strikers to negotiate. Just learning that the Kapp regime bed Some idea of the clarity of the sig- nals may be gained from the fact that when they were- received st the Point Gray (Vancouver) wireless sta- tion they were so loud that they drowned ordinary telegraph signs Is, and In the latter respect the ststion hsd to cease operations for a short time. the engineers who came here to Instal tbe National Radio Company's apparatus, left yesterday for Seattle for the express purpose of tuning up the apparatus which hss been installed there. — The Young People's Club will hold a box social on Tues- day, the Mrd. Columbia Church, Oak Bay (corner Granite and Mitchell Streets). 'The ladies are to provide boxes, and a good musical programme and games will be pro- vided. No space here to give detailed price*, but it wl U gay 4P°a vatt to come and see bow reasons*, the prices Bf SSSSJI Blinds Naw BBus Ja Don't f th.^L'%.ry'at Sac^v J ? MARCH 21, 1920 sands uf satisfied users proclaim Mc Clary'& Kootenay Range to be tbe Range Supreme- The Koot«4HRf* Canadian specially to five g servic*. Phone 855 PRINCIPAL SMITH man New Head of Westminster Hall Is in City, and Will Occupy Pulpits of St, Andrew'.; ard St, Paul's. Tailored in shapes that durable and will slip through the collar? In 1847 the Collingwood and Asia came and the Calypso followed In 1848. The master whose scholars worked be- cause it did not enter their heads that school was a place to idle in was himself a worker as well as a student. Now you are watching 【Sweet Brunette Woman on Cam】 porn video which was uploaded to Brunettes, MILFs, Voyeur, Lingerie, On Cam porn category.Free 【Sweet Brunette Woman on Cam】 porn movie, we also have many other great porn videos which is related to ★Rude Cam★ and can be find below.Chief interest in the Budget centres in what, if any. he Will he the guest of the Presbyterian min- isters at luncheon at the Y. A good crowd Is anticipated and part of tb«- proceeds will be given for charitable purposes. The Store m V » test ZZ£*£ IS £J 0ak *»ow the difference between choice ind ordinary grades as well as we do ; we have a great many customers of this class. » 1 f ■ persons, turned over upon its side In the ditch at the side of the road on its way out from the city yesterday morning shortly before eight o'clock. It was in connection with the bound- ary settlement that several of the earlier arrivals of warships occurred at Esquimau. endurance and vitality, your tnoney will be returned, and the Dltre-Pbtsphate wl U cost you nothing. He could hold his own in political debate and religious discussion with the leaders of thought in the colony.