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03-Aug-2018 22:34

Dr Renaud added: 'Email is the thing that now causes us the most problems in our working lives. People's brains get tired from breaking off from something every few minutes to check emails.The more distracted you are by distractions, including email, then you are going to be more tired and less productive.'Dr Renaud said that the research also revealed that people who were 'driven' or 'stressed' email users were more likely to have lower self-esteem than those who felt relaxed about responding to emails.A further 28 per cent were 'driven' email users because they saw them as a source of pressure, while around 38 per cent were 'relaxed' email users because they felt comfortable not replying until a day or even a week later.The research revealed that employees working on a computer typically switched applications to view their emails as many as 30 or 40 times an hour, for anything from a few seconds to a minute.

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This means that people who check their email every five minutes waste a whole working day - or 8.5 hours a week - figuring out what they were doing moments before.

The memo was put in place by another creationist (then at SRI) in order to then advertise the memo as a 'real scientific' publication.

Basically, the initial model used historic measurements of light speed as support for the claim that the speed of light has decayed.

The argument states that the earth, like Adam, was created fully formed with the appearance of great age.

One of the major objections to the Omphalos argument is that it requires a deceptive God because although the Earth is really young, God made it look deceptively older.'We do not know yet what trips people from being driven to respond to their emails to becoming stressed out about them,' she added.'That is something we will need to do more research on.While half the participants said they checked more than once an hour and 35 per cent said they did so every 15 minutes, monitoring software fitted to their machines for the experiment showed it was more often.

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