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03-Oct-2018 14:07

Traveling is definitely the trickiest thing—I only travel with one big suitcase, sometimes for four weeks at a time. I like to wear pants—or shorts in the summer—and I'll try to play around with some interesting color combinations.

When I dress up, the trickiest things are shoes—heels are the most uncomfortable items in my closet, and sometimes I can get really frustrated with them, but I love the look.

When I first moved to New York City, I was studying fashion design at Parsons, and I found a great bag hanging on a random hook at a vintage market just up the street from my dorm.

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The look is softer in Europe while in New York it is very athletic right now. She always sewed for us and taught us how to embroider. Then I started thinking about doing something else. We stayed in touch and it was during the next New York Fashion Week in September that he told me he was working on a book, and that it was a lengthy process. Scott tends to cover men’s fashion weeks and is in his element there. Scott always says a photo is one-third the person, one-third the environment and one-third the light.My mum is also very thrifty and taught us how to find bargains at flea markets or create something from anything. That was the first time I was published in a big magazine. He looks at how buildings reflect on faces to make a face or outfit glow.Rapt observers of street style will be familiar with the name, face, and distinctive flair of Jenny Walton.

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