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How those names were decided upon is still debated to this day, from the reasons being money being paid to one town to keep the name, to there being a controversy over a fire truck affecting the name change.Records show that on the morning of April 19, 1775, approximately 350 Andover men marched toward Lexington.and Sarah Wardwell, Massachusetts Governor Joseph Dudley reversed the attainder on the names of those who were convicted in the episode.

King Philip Six Indian raids occurred between 1676 and with the last in 1698 led by Chief Escumbuit.

But despite this split, the town remained politically one unit.

For many years Andover was geographically one of the largest towns in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts; in 1826 a third parish was established and West Parish Church was constructed on Reservation Road.

(daughter of Andover's minister, Francis Dane) in 1692 and Wardwell's wife Sarah and Rev. William Phips, but the convictions remained on their records.

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In 1713, in response to petitions initiated in 1703 by Abigail Faulkner Sr.It is twinned with its namesake: Andover, Hampshire, England.In 1642, the Massachusetts General Court set aside a portion of land in what is now Essex County for an inland plantation, including parts of what is now Andover, North Andover and South Lawrence.In May 1646 the settlement was incorporated as a town and was named Andover.