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So much so, that Leslie begins planning her next big event. Will the new guys in town put the kibosh on Leslie’s plans for ka-ching? As usual, her priorities are in order and she’s out to prove what she does is really, really, really important. Series 3, Episode 1 UR HD SD Leslie (Amy Poehler) tries to convince Chris (Rob Lowe) and Ben (Adam Scott) to give the parks department more money, and when she fails to persuade them, she enlists Ann’s (Rashida Jones) help.So much so, that Leslie begins planning her next big event. Meanwhile, Ron (Nick Offerman) and Andy (Chris Pratt) coach youth basketball, and April (Aubrey Plaza) returns with surprising news. Series 3, Episode 2 UR HD SD While planning for the local Harvest Festival, Leslie (Amy Poehler) is struck with the flu and is forced to go to the hospital.

Series 3, Episode 13 UR HD SD Super-Sized Producer's Cut!

Meanwhile, Leslie (Amy Poehler) is frustrated by Chris (Rob Lowe) and his interoffice dating rules. Series 3, Episode 12 UR HD SD When the neighboring city of Eagleton puts up a fence around one of their parks, Leslie (Amy Poehler) must get her former best friend (guest star Parker Posey) to take it down.