Puff daddy dating kate upton

07-Aug-2018 17:57

the rap mogul says he's 100%, positively NOT having sexual relations with model Kate Upton ...

despite the fact it would be totally awesome if true.

When he's sentenced to 90 days of house arrest, Bo meets Elliot, the awkward kid who lives across the street.

While bonding over football, these unlikely friends teach each other a little bit about growing up and what it means to be a man.

Three recent social media memes have more than a few people up in arms crying the all-too- familiar blues of racism, sexism, and so on.

Just as soon as some creative types decided to prompt good old laughs with burlesque-inspired viral entertainment, it was censored by the social media gods.

The object of MANY fantasies tweeted: Well, there you have it folks!

We were wondering why Diddy would be kissing Kate when he's still seemingly involved with Cassie… And honestly, who wouldn't want to touch lips with Mz. We don't even LIKE girls but we can still appreciate the fact that she's one steamy specimen of WOMAN!

BUT what does Kate and the man formally known as Puff Daddy have to say about these accusations?!As for Upton, she needs someone who is comfortable with men ogling over her entire existence. You know, someone who has been through that before. Besides, where is the uproar when commercials like While I don’t personally agree or support May Day protesters, I think all Americans have the right to express their own opinion as granted by the First Amendment.

That’s why I didn’t understand when the Twitter account of Nate Snyder, a special adviser to Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano, was removed from public view and its bio (“an Obama Administration official at DHS”) was removed after he tweeted “Happy May Day!

Behold, this week’s top 3 WTF social media memes: star is facing backlash after a Popchips commercial (pulled, then restored) in which he plays bachelors of different backgrounds, including a fictional Bollywood producer by the name of “Raj” who speaks with what it sounds like a thick Indian accent.

Short, comedy, music. Director Terry Richardson. Starring Kate Upton. Kate Upton dances to Rej3ctz's song "Cat Daddy". Running time.… continue reading »

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