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Quechua Indian charm vials from Peru containing tiny blue-robed St.

Anthony statuettes are carried for the return of a lost lover; they also always contain a piece of the coiled jungle vine called "vuelve vuelve" ("come back, come back" in Spanish).

Saint Anthony is identified with the orishas Ellegua and Ogun in Yoruba-derived religions such as Santeria and Lukumi, In mainstream Catholic practice, prayers for the intercession of Saint Anthony are quite conventional.

Folk-Catholics prayers to Saint Anthonym often in rhyme, petition him for the return of lost things or missine persons. Anthony when I misplace something (which is often). If I am looking for something someone else misplaced, I find it if I call on St. I write to you to ask if you have heard this, and if you can enlighten me on any Yoruba or other connection alive in this call for spiritual intervention in daily life.

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On the 3 1/2 inch tall painted soapstone statuette from Peru shown above, the saint dressed in brown on one side and in blue on the other.

He was eventually commissioned by the Vatican to produce a series of "Sermons for Feast Days." He died in Padua, Italy on June 13th, 1231.

In 1946 he was named a Doctor of the Church, a particular distinction given after canonization by the Roman Catholic church.

This is my first book and the prayers and poetry in this book are a foundation for the teachings here at my Spiritual Satanist website. https://t.co/j Ifim Qayw V pic.twitter.com/7b KFu2wid F— Venus Satanas (@Venus Satanas) March 27, 2018 This Satanism FAQ is here to answer some of the most common questions asked in Satanism.

I am proud to offer this book to my fans and friends in Satanism. These are the kinds of Satanism questions that are often asked on forums and groups.

These widespread invocations to Saint Anthony for finding lost things and restoring missing people relate to an incident in which the saint was invoked to find a missing book and the prayer was efficacious; ever since then Saint Anthony has been the Patron of Lost Things.