My norton antivirus is not updating

05-Nov-2018 04:18

However, if you encounter any issues whilst installing the anti-virus or any other issue, you can take assistance of Norton Anti-Virus support.

Our certified technicians will take care of your issues and troubleshoot them as soon as possible and that too in a very short time.

Other security products just don’t have the resources to keep up with new threats as they emerge. As the threats get worse, our products just keep getting better.

Our teams of security experts are constantly analyzing new threats and devising ways to protect your devices from them.

It seems that the IPSDefs update is not working properly for the last 15 days or so.

my norton antivirus is not updating-23

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They would not release each update but would test them and eventually pick the one to release.

Every device has its own configuration settings and requirements and has a different approach for troubleshooting any issue.

So i've just built a new computer and have installed kaspersky internet security. on my ram usage but Norton remained constant. antivirus is not.… continue reading »

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