Mercurial close branch without updating

23-Jul-2018 07:55

Unless both modifications are identical, this results in a Figure 3.4, “Conflicting changes to a document” illustrates an instance of two conflicting changes to a document.We started with a single version of the file; then we made some changes; while someone else made different changes to the same text.Instead, it runs an external program, usually one that displays some kind of graphical conflict resolution interface.

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Mercurial provides a flexible extension mechanism that lets people extend its functionality, while keeping the core of Mercurial small and easy to deal with.Mercurial supports these kinds of complex changes fluently, provided we tell it what we're doing.In my previous article, we went over the basics of Mercurial, as well as some arguments why using it is critical for database administrators.This in turn allows us to continue working on the new branch without disturbing the original.