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Korea"s Oil Dependence on Middle East Hits 84.2 Pct" -- KUNA Headline 3) For Recovery, Get Back to the Basics "Viewpoint" by Kim Soo-ryong, chairman of Deutsche Bank of Korea and honorary chairman of the MIG Alley chapter of the U. Air Force Association and Translation by the Joong Ang Daily staff: "For Recovery, Get Back to the Basics" 4) Xinhua 'Backgrounder': Basic Facts About Group of 20 Xinhua "Backgrounder": "Basic Facts About Group of 20" 5) (World Cup) S. Money" 14) Slight Appreciation Of Yuan Will Not Defuse China Crisis: Economist By Lin Shu-yuan, Chiu Kuo-chiang and Maubo Chang 15) ROK Daily Analyzes Impact of Inter-Korean Summit, 'Sunshine' Policy Article by Michael Breen: "Inter-korean Summit And Years of 'Sunshine' Policy" 16) ROK Daily Interviews Dean of Korean Studies at Russian University Report on interview with Alexey Starichkov, dean of the College of Korean Studies, by Kim Ji-hyun; time and place not given: "'Korean Viable Language in Russia'" 17) ROK War Veteran Tells Battlefield Story Article by Song Sang-ho: "'I Am Proud of My Sacrifices During War'" 18) ROK Editorial Urges ROKG To Take Action on Possible Mt Paektu Eruption Editorial: "Mount Baekdu Eruption" 19) Japan Reaffirms Backing for ROK Bid To Punish DPRK Updated version: upgrading precedence and rewording headline; Yonhap headline: "Japan Reaffirms Backing For S. Korea: Official" 20) Japan Reaffirms Backing For S. Korea Seeks to Avenge '66 Loss to Portugal 24) Various Groups Support Statement of Spokesman for DPRK NDC KCNA headline: "Statement of Spokesman For DPRK NDC Supported" 25) Four Generations, Four Sensibilities "Viewpoint" column by Lee Hong-koo, former prime minister and adviser to the Joong Ang Ilbo and Translation by the Joong Ang Daily staff: "Four Generations, Four Sensibilities" 26) (World Cup) Portugal Concerned About N.

Korea Expects 'good Results' From Nigeria Match: Goalie 6) S. Korean Counter Offense: Ronaldo 27) Spin-Off To Help Boost SK Energy Growth Report by Cho Ji-hyun 28) Groups Express Support for 15 Jun Inter-Korean Joint Declaration KCNA headline: "June 15 North-south Joint Declaration Hailed" 29) ROK, South Africa Cooperate on Communications Report by Tae-han Kim: "S. Africa Cooperate on Communications" 30) China Signals Appreciation of Currency Against US Dollar Updated version: adjusting metadata; Report by Kim Young-gyo: "China Signals Appreciation of Its Currency" 31) (Korean W ar) Six Decades After Korean War, Legacy Is Still Incomplete 32) Lacetti Premiere Picked 'New Car of The Year' in India 33) Meetings Held in India To Observe Anniversary of Inter-Korean Declaration KCNA headline: "Anniversary of Inter-Korean Declaration Observed" 34) Hyundai Engineering Wins US0 Mln Order From India 35) GM Daewoo's Lacetti Named Best Compact Car in India 36) SK Energy Spins Off Units 37) Officials Say Radioactive Gas Detected in May After DPRK Nuclear Claim 38) Radioactivity Detected Following DPRK Nuclear Fusion Claim on 12 May Unattributed report: "Radioactivity Detected After N.

Korea" 93) ROK Seeks Leading Role in Multinational Drill Slammed by DPRK Updated version: upgrading precedence, rewording headline, adjusting tags, and replacing 0125 GMT version with source-supplied 0257 GMT update, which "DELETES redundant sentence on N.This attracted waves of post-abolition white migrants into Oregon from states that were receiving the gkys waves of Southern blacks leaving the South. He sent in the st Airborne Infantry why are guys so hot hillary to protect the black students.Bernie is not trying to turn the US into a socialist country.That, I think, has probably been true for all of our history, and if you saw the Spielberg movie, Lincoln, and how he was maneuvering and working to get the 13th Amendment passed, and he called one of my favorite predecessors, Secretary Seward, who had been the governor and senator from New York, ran against Lincoln for president, and he told Seward, I need your help to get this done.

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