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Nate had to borrow a deodorant stick from Drew and then get Drew's help to put it on. Why is it that no one ever commented on his smell, if he's never worn deodorant?

As for Scooter, he seemed to bomb on his date, since the producers humorously included an advisory that a very boring monologue by Scooter about the semantics of the word dating was more interesting than the actual date.

Back at the mansion, Jenny Lee clearly wanted Nate to return and some of the girls even showed signs of jealousy when the geeks returned.

The cattiest moment of the show comes in a conversation between Jenny Lee and Andrea, after Jenny Lee sent Andrea into elimination.

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It doesn't look like anything much really happens with Jenny Lee and Nate, which is something of a letdown considering the emotions she pushed out this episode.

I half expected her to redeem herself by saying that she wanted to remove herself from the competition for not realizing her full potential or something (as if), but instead she went on to utter some nonsense about taking the blonde out of the bikini that made no sense whatsoever.

Out of the three seasons of to date, I do believe that Cece has shown the least amount of improvement out of any contestant.

When Jenny Lee and Niels started to talk about who to send into elimination, since they were sending both teams, it started out nicely enough.

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However, when Niels stuck by his guns about sending Nate into the elimination, Jenny Lee became infuriated and frustrated, pacing and yelling at Niels and later shedding tears in the interview room.The fact that the girls bought the guys seemed to make the guys more confident when they actually went on the dates.During one moment on Drew's date, he really wanted to bring up , but instead told her he liked comedy.On a lot of the dates, though, the girls didn't seem very interested in what the guys were saying, so perhaps they still need to work on their casual talk.

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