How to block dating ads on yahoo mail

27-Aug-2018 20:26

When a URL category lookup is performed, the firewall first checks the dataplane cache for the URL, if no match is found, it will then check the management plane cache, and if no match is found there, it queries the URL database in the cloud.

When deciding on what action to take for traffic that is categorized as not-resolved, be aware that setting the action to block may be very disruptive to users.

Sites that pertain to information or groups in favor of or against abortion, details regarding abortion procedures, help or support forums for or against abortion, or sites that provide information regarding the consequences/effects of pursuing (or not) an abortion.

Sexually explicit material, media (including language), art, and/or products, online groups or forums that are sexually explicit in nature.

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Sites that provide and/or utilize dynamic DNS services to associate domain names to dynamic IP addresses.

Programming may have some overlap with reference, but the main category should remain computer and internet info.

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