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25-Jan-2019 11:15

It's only those that chose to marry other US-raised individuals that married outside of their ethnicity to such a large degree.

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The data does not discriminate between citizens and non-citizens - just all people living in the US at the time of the 2000 census.And only about 1 in 10 of all the married desi individuals living in the US is US-raised.There's about 630 thousand married Indian guys, of which only 54 thousand are US-raised.The Buddha did not lay rules on married life but gave necessary advice on how to live a happy married life.

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There are ample inferences in His sermons that it is wise and advisable to be faithful to one wife and not to be sensual and to run after other women.The majority of the difference for group 3 between genders seems to come from marriages between South Asians and whites, as "only" 31% of South Asian men in group 3 marry white women, but 36.3% of South Asian women in group 3 marry white guys.It's a bit curious though, that as we look at US-raised desis as a whole (i.e.Luckily for me, a pair of sociologists have already done the dirty work, and their results have been made available at Dr. The data on interracial marriages is broken down first into the sexes - so we can see how intermarriage varies by gender , and then into the three following groups, each of which gives us a snapshot of the whole picture:1.

Mar 12, 2008 Hindus answer please- Interracial marriage. even though I didn't even tell them I was dating until 1.5 months. Please note. Hinduism is a WAY OF.… continue reading »

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Do hindus believe in interracial dating. Humanity. Salvation. Hinduism is a collection of beliefs from the Indian subcontinent and surrounding areas.… continue reading »

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