Exhibitionist hook up

11-Dec-2018 15:00

"We can do a few things, eat a nice dinner, and then go dancing." I continue. Quickly, we find two dresses, each with about eight black buttons down the front. Even more perfect is the small changing room so we can inspect our choices. Lize walks into the small circular space, and begins to draw the curtain shut. "Leave it open." Lize strips out of her clothes, and hands them to me while standing there completely naked. She never takes her eyes off mine, and slowly begins to slip the white dress on. "Give me the dress, and I'll go find the next size down." I say. I find the next smaller dress, and head back to her. "So, as you can tell, the dress code is fairly lax here. I had only heard of this beach, never really believing what we are seeing." I tell them.

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Moments later, she returns with a dress hand, and completely naked. "Definitely time for a cool drink." I say as I inspect them visually. We approach the sidewalk and street, and come across a set of outdoor public showers. When she gets to her legs, Lize lifts them up, giving us a glimpse of her swollen cunt. Lize walks away from the shower, and stops at the edge of the sand, in which the three of us are still standing. Amber has 24 buttons on the back side; Lize has 8 up front. Lize, go ahead and leave the top two buttons undone. Nick, go ahead and unbutton the six of your choosing." I direct. The sun behind us is really bringing out the beauty of the clouds above the Atlantic. I follow suit, only putting my right arm around Lize, and using my left hand to move her dress.

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