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Before you put yourself into a compromising position and engage emotions, know Who you are getting involved with. If he says he lives at 124 Green Street, take a casual pass of that local. Or there may be no 124 Green Street, or the house may be occupied by people who don't look at all like him, and don't know him. Yes, you may have worked with him for two years but never really spoke, so you DON'T know him. have no idea where he lives why are you putting yourself at risk with a stranger who could be a serial killer? Calling you at 7 PM to pick you up at 8 or 9 suggests that he either didn’t know he’d be able to ‘get away’ that night or has been turned down by the others he called, and has finally reached your name on the list. He works way over there, she works way over here, and their contact is by cell phone. Tommy rings her when he’s about a minute or so away. She waits, he drives up, she gets into his car, and he speeds away. Married might be doing double shift so has no idea if he is free tonight until his wife informs him. Married calls at 1 PM to advise she won’t be home until 1 am he can start his phoning at . Married doesn’t know she’ll be doing the late shift until 4 PM, he can’t be going down the list until . Married decides to go out with her friends at 7 PM to be back at 11 PM; Tommy goes to his list of ‘Extra Easy.’ That is how a girl like Alicia got on his list. You may know he uses Linux, you may know he likes Star Trek, but you don't know if he lives with his mother, a wife and five kids, or a cat.

Created from tragedy, Dating Abuse Stops Here, or DASH, was created to inspire and inform a community.

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Calling at the virtual last minute means he has absolutely no respect for you as a person. Is he taking you to some popular spot or some out of the way dive? Does he ask you In person in front of other people? Does he make it clear when he'll call or is it 'out of a clear blue sky' (or clear night sky) to ask you to meet him tonight?

Breakup violence among teens is a crime that has no zip code. A relationship ends and what happens is an emotional surge of uncontrollable anger.