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The groom’s family would place the note containing the girl’s birth detail on the ancestral altar for three days.

If no bad things took place within that time, such as quarrels between families or loss of properties, the parents would take this marriage as been favored by their ancestors and give the boy’s birth details to the matchmaker to present it to the girl’s family for them to go through the same process.

The Chinese marriage certification is a red colored brochure with the newly-weds’ name and ID detail on it.

The Civil Affairs Bureau is the only office for completing the legal element of a marriage.

In China, anytime a big event going to take place in one family, such as moving house, holding funeral ceremony, visiting ancestors, opening new business, replacing a figure of god and certainly holding a wedding ceremony, people will surely go for a fortune teller (call it Fung Suey teller if you want to) to figure out an auspicious date in the wish of everything goes smoothly and no one offends any god or evil spirits.

This is a long-passed down Chinese tradition for the Fung Suey [pinyin:feng shui]is a part of Chinese culture.

Most of the money will be used in the wedding ceremony or the honely moon holiday.

Of course the negotiation is not always a smooth sailing.

By then the future bride and groom could finally meet their "other half” face-to-face.

Yet this article will tell you the common tradition of wedding customs and rituals in China in the main clues of how Chinese find their “other half”? `If a boy's family was well-off or an official family, it was unlikely his parents would allow him to take a poor girl as his wife.

The matchmaker was a common job playing a key role in setting a marriage between two families in ancient China.

In the west it is common for a couple to formally announce their wedding by becoming engaged and traditionally the man buys the woman an engagement ring. Traditionally, the groom's family should present the betrothal or "Grand Gift" which is various proposal gifts representing fertility and prosperity to appreciate the girl’s parents’ efforts in raising the girl.

Later, the girl’s family would send the girl’s dowry consisted of jewelry to display their support and love for their daughter.After the girl’s parents had accepted their proposal, both families would set a date for a formal meeting and negotiating the betrothal.Usually in the past, this would be dealt in the hands of a matchmaker, but since nowadays young people find their lovers without any matchmaker, therefore it is often dealt by the parents of the two parties.In 1970s, the “Grand Gifts” generally were bicycle, watch and sewing machine; in 1980s, it were Refrigerator, recorder and washing machine; in 1990s, it were air conditioning, motorbike and colour TV set ;in 20 century, the “Grand Gifts” are usually house, car and money.

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