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Russian versions of global brands are outstripping the market leaders, thanks to targeted local market knowledge, massive internet growth and a reticence of "Western" brands to target the territory.

Nicolas Boukhrief a fait de nombreux changements par rapport au livre Léon Morin, prêtre.

As the story becomes increasingly ridiculous, Ozon’s hold on the material becomes looser and looser.

Only his actors keep “The New Girlfriend” watchable.

It is an endearing mess, in a way, thanks to its actors, but make no mistake, “The New Girlfriend” is one of Ozon’s weakest efforts to date.

The concept of the film could have been played several different ways, from farce to high-drama to Hitchcock-ian thriller.Here we take a look at the 10 new Russian internet brands that are striving to outstrip global players: Art.Lebedev One of the secrets why Yandex is bigger in Russia than Google is because it partners with design studio Art. The designer of the Yandex homepage and its logos for years, the Art.Odnoklassniki Founded in 2006, Odnoklassniki has given millions of Russians who emigrated to Germany, Canada, USA, Australia and other countries a free online service to connect back to their old classmates from school.