Dating men no confidence

25-Oct-2018 20:24

Working hard at what you do, engaging in activities with other people, and finding your inner peace are the key factors in making yourself a more confident and happier person. A woman can't take or give confidence to a man, he either likes himself.

She can boost his ego or partially deflate it at a given time, but no, the confidence or lack of is all his own doing.

Some of the posters on this thread assert that confidence can't be given to you, and that is true. Success builds confidence, which leads to greater effort, and thence to more success. But in order to succeed, you have to try--and that means being willing to accept failure and learn from it.

Nearly all the great men in history, those who have achieved great things, lost confidence at one point or another.

Attack the world knowing that you're an attractive, worthwhile man.

You don't need a woman in your life to believe that about yourself.i think we should find out why one has no confidence left before we go and answer this question and im sorry but real people deserve a second chance please give those people more respect not having confidence in oneself doesnt make them crazy or a mammas boy or a child or a whimp sheesh he or she might be the best person that ever came into your life I know you directed the question to women, but I can't help weighing in on it myself.

A lack of confidence in a man sometimes is a little off-putting. I think a lot of women mistake arrogance for confidence, and then wonder why they can't find a good guy.

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And she said "yes." Good old-fashioned bravery still counts for something, I guess.When you feel good about you, then it will reflect on to others. Think about this.are sitting, standing, what ever, in a situation with lady/partner and you lack confidence.dont think they will notice that?and if you do manage to fool them it will come out.. A woman (in my opinion) needs a man with confidence, a man to protect them, make them feel safe, a PROUD man, Not too**** but not a total mamas boy either. Im not saying there are no women who dont like that, not at all, but you will have more success if you have confidence in your self, in your abilites and in life. Good luck in your search Ronnie I agree with most everyone above.Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate.

It takes many women to make a man lose confidence, but only one to give it back to him.

Now, put your self in their shoes, They will be thinking this guy has no confidence, so hes gonna look to me to give it to him? You must find balance grass scene is a fine line of total hits and misses. No one else gives or takes away your confidence but you.

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