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28-Dec-2018 14:04

Thank you for sharing your stories, for supporting each other, and for suggesting readings on the biological elements of borderline functioning.

I have discovered that the bathroom plays a very important role in a home [with a borderline mother] as children are taught early on that it is a “no disturb zone”, They are also experienced in knowing that it is a place visited numerous times a day by all people so there is no sense of abandonment when that door closes, unlike he front door of a home.Alas, you would see widespread domestic violence of the verbal variety.That's because one hallmark of a borderline personality is unpredictable raging.So does this additional blogpost on the same subject.

Lastly, the comments from readers in response to this article have been profoundly enlightening to me.These dating sim elements are often referred to as Romance Sidequests in the RPG genre. It's a pattern of intensely hyper-emotional responses, especially to situations that trigger abandonment fears.It also may be a pattern of attractive and highly competent-appearing social functioning at times alternating with periods of intense and inappropriate anger, narcissism, and explicitly hurtful behavior (to themselves or to others).

Kanokon かのこん is a Japanese light novel series by Katsumi Nishino, with illustrations by Koin. The first novel was released by Media Factory on October 31, 2005 under its MF Bunko J imprint, and it published 15 volumes until December 24, 2010.… continue reading »

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