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30-Aug-2018 23:32

The Washington Post reports a woman has been arrested after trying to fill her gas tank with kerosene in Illinois.Tasha Lynn Schleicher, 41, is a mother from New Hope, Minnesota.

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GRAPHIC CONTENT: Viewers of This Morning were left shocked after Jayne Hardman, 48, who suffers with an auto-immune disease removed her prosethic nose on live television without warning to reveal a hole in her face.

Lisa Smith, the victim’s mother, confessed to police that her and her boyfriend may have taken their discipline too far.

According to the 19-year-old mother’s statement, her and her ...

Investigators are learning more about the suspect who shot three people at You Tube’s company headquarters in California.

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As they piece together information from various sources, a potential motive is becoming clearer.Earlier this month, it is alleged that the suspect assaulted his girlfriend and threatened the Weld County Police Department.Before apprehending the suspect, he had at least s...The incident occurred in the early hours at around a.m. The NFL has struggled for years with horrible stories about football players being involved in domestic violence cases.