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Cameras were installed in the WFAN radio studio, and remotely controlled from MSNBC headquarters in New Jersey.One of the unique features of the first few years of the program was that the television version's commercials and the radio commercials happened at different times, which allowed TV viewers a voyeuristic view of Imus and his team getting ready for the next segments.

The program then moved to the Kaufman Astoria Studios in Astoria, Queens, WFAN's longtime studio home, but in 2005 the program moved to a dedicated Imus in the Morning set at MSNBC's studios in Secaucus, New Jersey, although certain cast members remained at the WFAN studios using a split-screen format.The show regularly parodied songs and voices, satirizing national and local events and persons.After WNBC was sold to Emmis Communications in 1988, a frequency shift on New York's AM radio dial saw WFAN, Emmis's sports-talk station, move to WNBC's 660 AM dial position.However, NBC Executive Producer of Special Events and Breaking News David Bohrman suggested to NBC president Andy Lack that putting the newsmaking Imus program on the new cable channel was the right thing to do.

The Craziest Things News Anchors Have Said And Done On Air. television November 9, 2016. Aussie Reporters Fight Over Wardrobe. What happens when three.… continue reading »

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Imus in the Morning was a long-running radio show hosted by Don Imus. The show originated locally on WNBC radio in New York City… continue reading »

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