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Lesson: always wash your hands after working with chillis.

We had booked a table at a theatre restaurant for dinner and the show, and the proprietor – a friend – had given us the top table right in the middle and closest to the stage.I hadn’t even thought about it, but if it was her intention to stay chaste it was a good strategy.I’ve also had to endure the company of women who for whatever reason drank far too much, talked far too little, were boring – or bored with me – or were just unlikeable.From awkward dates, to romantic encounters with colleagues, and just straight out bizarre dates – Rory Gibson explores the world of dating disasters. They’re the worst.” He could have been talking about what happens on disastrous dates.

It is normal to feel nervous about going on a date. Human interaction is always complicated, never more so than when two strangers meet to assess their level of attraction towards each other.

The dinner was fine and the evening was going well, when, just as the show was about to begin, my date suddenly grabbed her bag and leapt to her feet with puzzling haste. I can’t stay.” And with that she fled the small, dim room – just as our table was illuminated by the stage lights.