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Upon his arrival at Solaris Station, a scientific research station, none of the three remaining scientists bother to greet Kelvin, and he finds the space station in dangerous disarray.He soon learns that his friend among the scientists, Dr. The two surviving crewmen—Snaut and Sartorius (Anatoli Solonitsyn)—are uncooperative and evasive.The country borders Latvia, Belarus, Poland and Russia.She explained that her staff of 19 worked throughout the entire country.

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Kelvin catches fleeting glimpses of others aboard the station, who were not part of the original crew.

He also finds that Gibarian left him a rambling, cryptic farewell video message, warning him about the station.Years earlier, Berton had been part of an exploratory team at Solaris but was recalled when he described seeing a four-meter-tall child on the surface of the water.This was dismissed as a hallucination by a panel of scientists, but now that the remaining crew members are making similarly strange reports, Kris's skills are needed.The support for same-sex couples’ rights diminished significantly since then and continue this trend.