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20-Jul-2018 03:13

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Misconception: Bisexual people aren’t really bisexual unless they’ve had relationships with all of the genders they’re attracted to (like, how can you be bi if you’ve only dated boys???)Rowan: Bisexual people don’t necessarily choose who to date based on gender, and the truth is that people don’t really choose whether they’ve been in relationships with all guys, all girls, all nonbinary people, etc. Bisexual people do not need to follow an even pattern.Seeing how trans boys are boys (just like cis boys!) and the same for trans girls, a bisexual person seeing it differently than that has nothing to do with the sexuality itself but more the person.In honor of Bisexual Awareness Week, members of the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network's (GLSEN) National Student Council developed a campaign called #ILove BIself.The #ILove BIself campaign’s purpose is to promote self-love among bisexual youth.

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Misconception: Bisexual people can’t make up their mind Rowan: Bisexual people have made up their mind: they chose bisexuality.Misconception: Bisexuals are more likely to cheat Rowan: Attraction to other genders does not make a person automatically unfaithful.Bisexuals are as likely to cheat as gay or straight, (etc.) people are. Bisexuality is just as valid as any other sexuality, and the only person who can determine it is the person themselves.Alex: No sexuality is inherently more accepting than another.

To say that bisexual people only date cis people erases and discounts multiple bi people’s experiences, including bi trans people’s. Some date only men and women, some date women and nonbinary people, and some are attracted to all genders (two or more! There are transphobic people of all sexualities, and to suggest that bisexuality is inherently transphobic is biphobic.It’s also a space for the voices of bisexual youth to be amplified as they share their experiences, offer support to each other, and highlight the need for more awareness on the issues bisexual youth face.These issues include, but are not limited to, bisexual erasure from LGBTQ and non-LGBTQ spaces, the prevalence of biphobia in those spaces, and the truth about bisexuality within nonbinary relationships.However, to question another person’s sexuality is just downright disrespectful.