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As LGBT community becomes more visible, anti-gay violence rises, too.

By Allyn Gaestel for Al Jazeera America November 8, 2014 Source: (Note: see original story for more photos) Port-au-Prince, Haiti The courtyard, tucked off a quiet road here and ringed by mango trees heavy with immature green fruit, was bedecked with a rainbow Intro: This story is the result of my first visit to that once-paradise island where gay life is still alive and humming although repressed.

There are three other Dutch territories (Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao) in the southern Caribbean off the coast of Venezuela.

Montserrat Island is a mere 40 sq mi of land surface and has been the ‘target’ of enormous natural disasters.

In 1989 destructive hurricane Hugo virtually wiped out the entire island and in 1995 its main volcano blew up and made a wasteland of the entire southern half of the island. A Bad Situation and a Bad Law Gay Life in St Vincent and the “Marginalized populations start off at a stage of questioning and paranoia.

Fidel Castro died on November 25, 2016 evoking sadness and joy among native and expat Cubans.

His Jamaican activist Angeline Jackson (photo right) visited San Diego and found loving support from St Paul’s Foundation in her quest to bring LGBT rights and tolerance to her native society–despite great odds.In neither half is there is a unified community that rallies around a gay center (there is none) or a gay Pride parade (there is none).This story is about the southern Dutch half of St Maartin.It is one of the smallest inhabited islands in the Caribbean, a mere five square miles.

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