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Thus, women should not try to become more attractive through starvation or excessive exercise.

Or as Sir Mix-a-Lot says, “You can do side bends or sit-ups, but please don't lose that .7 waist-to-hip ratio.”Interested in learning more about relationships?

Well I guess there will be a lot of sad men out there since only 28% of women fall into the hourglass (8%) and pear (20%) categories with nearly 50% being banana shaped and the remaining apples.

bust waist hips dating-4

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Whereas they found that overall body size of these beauties decreased over time, the waist-to-hip ratio remained remarkably consistent.Please stop writing pseudo psych junk articles which categorize women thereby contributing to further body shaming of females.My grandmother said just because someone has an opinion doesn't mean it's manners to share it - this could be said about this article. There is no skeletal structure that prevents having a slim waist or firm, rounded butt, unless you know of women with extra bones or deformities that I'm unaware of. Barring medical conditions that cause excess weight gain (aka, a very small percentage) or water retention to a significant degree, EVERY woman can get in good shape and have an attractive waist/hip ratio. Try looking into things like HIIT, Complexes, avoiding cardio for weight loss, the Jen Keck interview on youtube (which is very enlightening in many ways), and weight training.In particular, waist-to-hip ratio relates to sexual behavior: females with more desirable ratios have a greater number of sexual partners, have intercourse at an earlier age, and are more likely to have sex outside of their primary relationship (translation: they cheat).

An important take home message from this research is that women’s attractiveness isn’t as much about body weight, as it is about how they carry their weight.Importantly, the women represented a range of waist-to-hip ratios.Regardless of pose, the results indicated that men rated women with a .7 waist-to-hip ratio as most attractive.Learn how to eat properly and exercise effectively, and nearly any woman can be in great shape. I'm 5'6 & yet not even included in the circulating chart.