Bro code dating your bros ex

03-Nov-2018 21:47

If the lady he is targeting has a friend, it’s your duty to entertain her all night however annoying, unattractive or boring she might be.

It’s your sacred duty to sometimes feign romantic feelings, drawing her away in order to give your bro ample space to bond with his catch.7) Bros shall be brutally honest with one another When a bro sells-out it shall be pointed out point blank.

Doing the above may get you ex-communicated from the pack.

When in the urinals, a bro shall stare straight ahead and under no condition shall he peek at his bro’s member!

10) A bro shall adhere to the strict do’s and don’ts of communication Never should a bro eat a banana while staring into the eyes of his bro!

Should he neglect his family, the bro’s shall castigate him appropriately.3) A bro shall always remain loyal to his bros Loyalty is the most important virtue that binds bros’.

Breaking this particular code is tantamount to bro-treason, it’s sacrilegious and unforgiveable.

When two bro’s, fall for the same lady, the guy with the longest dry spell is given the first shot.6) A bro shall fulfill his wingman duties with uttermost seriousness When a bro tasks you to being his wingman for the night, you must drop all your initial plans and report for this divine duty.